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Each Parent plays a big role in the operation and success of KCE Co-op! We are coming together in unity to teach our children about the world around them in the context of their creator God and Savior Jesus Christ. You are a valuable and vital part of this community and we love you! If you feel you are gifted or talented in a specific area, we want to know.

Please list all areas that you are gifted or interested in teaching. Lead teacher positions will require approval of our KCE leaders (and will also receive a $25 discount on their tuition fee each semester, plus get priority class registration for their children).

Parents will be required to volunteer each period their children are on campus and be apart of a light rotation cleaning group. We will attempt to place you in the desired area, however this may be subject to change depending on the needs of each class. We will work with anyone wanting to teach a subject to help them find comfortable curriculum, examples, supplies, videos, etc. If applicable, teachers will make supply lists for their classes that the parent will get for their student (like the public schools do). Any cost above the typical "backpack supplies" will be shared prior to class selection (this is a rare occurrence).

Check all areas you able to work in:
(Ex: Woodworking, Knitting, Spanish, Underwater Basket weaving ;)
Are there any areas you would prefer NOT to teach/help with?


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