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What is KCE?

We're a Community of over 50 families (and growing!) that love Jesus and share our God given talents, resources, and time to enrich the lives of our families. We focus on Kingdom minded community and fellowship, all while providing opportunities for our children to get together, form relationships, learn and grow!

We Are Not a stringent academic program that just practices good Christian morals while trying to build a college resume. We lead with Jesus, the Holy Spirit's guidance, and the intent and purpose to speak into the lives of our kids. We focus on teaching each child they have a divine purpose and calling on their life by their Creator. Whether they want to spread the gospel overseas, open an auto shop at 18, or become a cardiovascular surgeon, they are all training to be missionaries in any field the Lord takes them into.

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We offer a weekly creative arts program in Pigeon Forge, TN that teaches children to view the world through God's eyes and to cultivate their creative natures within His Kingdom.
Being a true collaborative community, we offer many parent lead field trips to various locations and professions throughout the year.
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Field Trips, Parent Nights, and More!
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KCE offers an events-only access membership for just $15 per year! This allows families to join our field trips and other events without committing to the weekly co-op functions.
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...I'm New to Homeschooling

Are you just recently transitioning into homeschooling or new to homeschooling in TN?

We have many resources that can help answer many of those daunting questions when starting for the first time. Check out our resources below to handle questions like schooling children with learning challenges, working parents, Tennessee homeschooling laws and more.

Homeschooling 101 Seminar
Tennessee Law
The Heart of Homeschooling