Our Mission

Our bottom line is God first, then friendships, then education. We aim to gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God's world through intentional community. The spirit of academia is intertwined into a fabric of respect, love, and compassion for our fellow man while expanding our knowledge of the world around us. Everything we do is in worship to our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ.

What is KCE?

Meeting since 2021, this Christian homeschool community is purposed to educate children how to learn through the lens of being God's creation with a heavenly mindset. We want to model the body of Christ for the church by collaborating each person's skills and contacts, instead of applying a top-down organization.

With a chaotic world around us, KCE provides a focused Godly educational experience that cultivates friendships, as well as exposure to worldview shaping enrichment events.  We offer a weekly Co-op during the school year in which we as parents share our knowledge and experience in multiple class types, from creative arts to sciences, and a variety of field trips and events throughout the year.  Co-op Membership includes access to all KCE events, but we also offer an Events Only Membership!

Our Beliefs

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Want to join us?

You can apply at any time to join our field trips and events group! Co-op runs September-April, please apply early to secure a spot as these fill up fast. We can't wait to meet you!