American Museum of Science and Energy

We will meet at 9:30am as a group to watch a video and take part in the “Hair Raising.”

Around 10:30am, older 4th-6th grade students will go to the “Coding for Minerals” lab in which students will be given a problem to solve for Mining Mission Company using a simple algorithm to create code for an unplugged robot to retrieve specific minerals. Basic definitions of coding are introduced along with mineral basics and testing. Younger students can do a scavenger hunt or enjoy the museum.

*The lab is an add-on ticket. Please get a student admission for every student, and a lab ticket for those doing the lab as well.

After the lab we will be able to eat sack lunches inside, and then stay and explore the museum as long as you like!


Jan 31 2024


9:30 am - 12:00 pm


American Museum of Science and Energy
115 E Main St, Oak Ridge, TN 37830